I tried something new today and shot in a way that I’ve always dreamed about shooting. 

Trying to find your style as a photographer can be challenging.  The fear that people will hate what you produce (because, yes, some people will) can be paralyzing.  It can keep you from moving forward, from pushing boundaries and, most importantly, from growing.  Fear can keep you complacent, comfortable – never evolving or bettering your art, but just sort of staying put, ho-hum, and shooting the same things, the same people, in the same way over and over and over again.

Fear is boring.

My dear friend, Taryn, helped me push past a block today.  She patiently waited (looking completely gorgeous while she did) while I fiddled with buttons, flipped modes, and admitted that I really wasn’t sure how this was all gonna turn out. 

Fortunately, it did.

So here’s to pushing past doubt, shattering creative blocks, and completely giving the finger to fear. 


* All Photos, content, and text © Lisa Sorbe 2016

* These files must not be reproduced, re-edited, or distributed without the permission of Lisa Sorbe.

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