There’s really no rhyme or reason to these shots.  They don’t tell a story – at least, not in the traditional sense. 

I had a few dresses from some shoots that fell through and, thankfully, was able to talk the lovely and talented Sarah into wearing them while frolicking around Discovery Park.  I’d planned a whole shoot on the beach by the bluffs, but it was a mud pit, so we ended up just shooting with what we had. 

We trudged along a sludgy beach, clambered over tree trunks, slipped and slid on slippery rocks, and almost got swept away by the tide.  (And I almost lost my shoe!)  The sun showed up to harass us, but we got the last laugh when we found a shady spot by a giant fir tree.  Seattle, please bring back your beautiful gray skies. 

Always eventful, to say the least.

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Take my breath away, why don’t ya?

Emily’s been with me since the beginning.  I’ve shot her several times and, the stars willing, she’ll let me shoot her several more.  I’ve met so many wonderful people through this girl – it’s seriously like six degrees of separation or something.

Doing a session in the Washington desert has been a dream of mine for, well, since the beginning of this photography journey.  Western Washington is beautiful, don’t get me wrong.  But a change of scenery?  It’s good for the creative soul.

So, when I decided it was high time to cross this to do off my Bucket List, I contacted Emily and Brian.  Because, I mean, why wouldn’t I?  The two are currently finishing up their last semester at WSU in Eastern Washington, so it was kismet that the one spot I’d been dying to shoot in was directly in between us.

So we met in the middle.

I adore this girl.  This lovely girl and her sweet-as-pie boyfriend.  I first shot them four years ago, and it was such a pleasure working with them again yesterday.

Emily and Brian, m’dears…  Much love to you both!

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