Sometimes you come across a photo that you know not everyone will like (or even think is good), but you fall completely in love with. 

I also love this because I designed this shoot.  Everything about it – the wardrobe (that’s my shirt!), the look, the feel…  Every once in a while, I need to direct a session – mold it, shape it, create it, pull it straight out of my head.  That style of shooting is way more me (and, truthfully, more fun) than just standing there, holding a camera, and being a glorified picture taker.   

Sometimes those ideas just gotta get out.



When I decided to pick up my camera after a year and a half, I knew the first couple of shoots would be rough.  I would probably fumble with lenses (I did), misjudge lighting (yep), and pretty much forget all of my editing skills (I won’t even go there).

These two beautiful people joined me for shoot #2 and made finding my way back into this crazy craft a whole lot easier.

Alyssa and Joseph, my dears – thanks for showing up and being you.